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Empowering the Youth!



Heartily Souls is led by a dedicated group of volunteers both in Uganda and in the United States. Our board members come from a wide-variety of backgrounds but they all of something in common, they are 100 percent dedicated to helping underserved youth and want to create better opportunities for youth who lack enhanced educational opportunities.

Heartily Souls, Inc is currently searching for new board members both in Uganda and in the United States.  We are particularly interested in connecting with people who have prior board experience and who have backgrounds in marketing and fundraising.  If you are interested in learning more about our organization and what serving on our board entails, we invite you to contact us via email.

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Kenneth has a background in educational planning and management. Has touched the lives and hearts of many youths. He has volunteered at many nonprofit organizations and wants to help those less fortunate. Currently, Kenneth is an essential worker assisting and touching the lives of many elderly people and people with disabilities.



 David was brought up in an orphanage and now at the university. His interest is in helping bring change to the lives of people who have limited resources.  He serves as an on-the-ground staff member in Uganda working to change lives for disadvantaged Ugandan youth.

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Teddy is a secretary of Heartily Souls Community Association in Kikubanimba. She brings social relations and communication to Heartily Souls. She is a proud Elementary teacher by profession and has interacted with children for over ten years. She has pleasure in interacting with Ugandan children from all backgrounds. When Teddy is not involved with any work, she enjoys watching movies.


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 Stacey Roberts-Ohr is the Development Director for Heartily Souls. She helps with special event planning, grantwriting, corporate and individual fundraising and with marketing. She’s a former non-profit Executive Director who has a passion for non-profit administration.

When asked why being a part of Heartily Souls is so  important to her, Stacey remarked “It’s important to me because I’ve seen first-hand the affect third-world poverty has on men, women and children. As a social worker, I think it’s extremely important to help disadvantaged groups who often lack the means and resources to better their lives. I love knowing that my work is teaching people “how to fish” so they can lead better lives”

When Stacey is not involved with non-profit work, she enjoys reading, traveling, (Japan is one of her favorite plans in the world) cooking and listening to old time-radio dramas. Stacey has been happily married to her husband, Andy for almost 26 years.



Allen is a director of Heartily Souls Community Association – Uganda. She brings immense knowledge, account management and experience of working with children of all backgrounds to Heartily Souls. She has a passion for supporting youth and communities in need. When Allen is not involved with any work, she enjoys listening to music and watching netball.

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Winton is a board member/secretary for finance community association-Uganda. His hobbies include listening to music, watching sports, traveling and gardening. During weekends he enjoys gathering with children and youth for gospel music sessions and playing sports. Masembe loves helping others.



Volunteer/board member -USA



Volunteer/ board member -Uganda



Steven is a volunteer of Heartily Souls based in the USA. He is currently attending college at MCC. He is a reliable team player ready to take on challenges. Using his problem solving and task prioritization skills, Steven is habitually ready to make sure that Heartily Souls’ projects highly succeed.


Since our inception, we’ve changed thousands of lives for Ugandan youth. Here are just a few of the things we’ve recently been able to accomplish.

  1. We provided school uniforms, textbooks and exam books to hundreds of Ugandan youth. In 2021, we provided hundreds of pencils and pens and purchased over 720 exam books to help students take exams.
  2. Our mentoring program has helped students learn important life skills including animal husbandry, farming, and sewing. These skills help youth become self-sufficient, supporting themselves and supporting their families.
  3. We have provided medical supplies to poor community members who could not afford to visit a doctor or get medicine.
  4. We have fed hungry youth and hungry families.

Heartily Souls changes lives and we use quantative and qualitative data to measure our on-the-ground success in Uganda. We regularly evaluate our program and our on-the-ground staff in Uganda helps us make sure all program goals are being met.

For each of our iniatives we have a series of questions we use to evaluate effectiveness. Here are just a few samples.

Child Sponsorship 

  1. Has the sponsorship money provided helped raise the living standard of the designated youth?  Do they have access to new school uniforms and has their access to food changed since receiving sponsorship?
  2. Have they been able to develop a relationship with their monthly sponsor? What does this relationship look like?
  3. Are they more engaged in school? What do their teachers say about their participation since sponsorship.

Mentoring program

  1. Has the school identifed at-risk youth as promised?
  2. Have at-risk youth been referred to our program?
  3. Has the student participated in our income generating program?
  4. Have they learned new skills to provide for themselves and our families?

Promoting Economic Self-Sufficiency

Addition projects support our youth and encourage them to become self-sufficent adults. Some of these projects include our animial husbandry program which raises pigs and helps youth gain financial independence and our gardening project.

Our gardening projects help youth learn to grow local fruits and vegetables. Once these items are harvested they can be used to feed families and they can be bartered for other necessary items.  Sometimes excess crops will be sold to local neighbors providing families with additional income.



Our sewing project teaches students how to sew. They are provided gentle instruction so they can make clothes for themselves and for their families. After they have mastered basic skills, it is our hope they will use these skills to earn money as seamstresses and tailors.

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Our farming program is important since so many of our youth reside in rural Uganda. Students learn the most effective way to raise crops to get the biggest yield. Then they harvest the crops using what they have grown to feed their families.

Produce can also be bartered and can be sold at local markets.

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Via our piggery project, students learn how to care for, breed and feed pigs. Once the pig are bred, they provide important food sources for familes.

Pigs can be bartered for food, and as payment for other necessary services.

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