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Empowering the Youth!


Helping the Poor:
It’s a Responsibility We Can’t Ignore

Heartily Souls was incorporated in 2017 as a non -profit corporation in Massachusetts. We are committed to bringing educational opportunities to students who live in rural Uganda -Africa and to improving their physical and mental health. We are working to bring enhanced economic opportunities to the lives of children, teens and young adults.
 We want to spread a message of hope and help people in developing countries live fulfilling lives.
We form partnerships with district community-based departments through local community-based organizations. This includes the Heartily Souls community Association of Kikubanimba village and Agape Heartily souls of Kiti village. Our goal is to nurture a commitment to children, teens and young people that will promote prosocial friendships, and help them reaffirm a sense of hope in their futures.
All of our programs stress the importance of social responsibility.  We strive to help youth understand that caring for others is a necessary part of being an adult.  Once they feel this obligation, they will be positioned to follow through on a path to adulthood with a sense of pride, acheivement and most importantly, purpose. 


Heartily Souls, empowers the minds and souls of youth through support, mentorship, job training and education.


We pay school fees and provide uniforms. If students don’t have uniforms they cannot attend school. We also pay for textbooks and provide notebooks so students can write their exams.

Our  youth mentoring programs develop self-esteem in at-risk youth. By learning skills such as farming, aninimal husbandry and sewing, youth can begin to earn money to support themselves and their families leading to high levels of self-sufficiency.

Youth who are hungry cannot learn. Youth who are hungry cannot work. Our food distribution program regularly donates food and feeds suffering youth and their famlies. Everyone deserves access to healthy food!

Young women need access to a steady and reliable supply of feminine products. We donate them and educate girls about their proper useage.