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Empowering the Youth!



Heartily Souls is led by a dedicated group of volunteers in Canada, Uganda and in the United States. Our team come from a wide variety of backgrounds with unity of purpose, they are 100 percent dedicated to helping underserved children and want to create better opportunities for them to access skills.

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Kenneth  K


Kenneth has a background in educational planning and management.  Currently is an essential worker. 


David W M

Magezi David William is the president of Agape heartily souls’ charity organization,  

Teddy N

Teddy is a team member/ secretary of Heartily Souls Community Association in Kikubanimba. 

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Stacey R O

 Stacey Roberts-Ohr is a volunteer for Heartily Souls.


Allen K

Allen is a director of Heartily Souls Community Association – Uganda.  She has a passion for supporting youth and communities in need. 

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 Winton M

Winton is a team member. Heartily Souls community association-Uganda.


Shafic Justin

Team Member. Agape Heartily souls’ charity organization.


Anthony M

Team Member.  Agape heartily souls’ charity organization, 


Steven S

Steven is a volunteer of Heartily Souls  

Damulira Moses

 Heartily souls Volunteer


Heartily Souls has implemented several initiatives to support orphans and underprivileged children in Uganda. These include:

  1. Child Sponsorship: Heartily Souls has sponsored the education of some orphans by paying their school fees/tuition.
  2. School Supplies: Heartily Souls has purchased school supplies such as pencils, pens, textbooks, and notebooks for notes and class exams taking.
  3. Food and Clothing: Heartily Souls has provided food to disadvantaged children and clothes to some.
  4. Healthcare: Heartily Souls has met some health expenses and provided clean sanitary supplies to teens/girls.
  5. Mental Health Workshops: Heartily Souls holds workshops and seminars for the rural youth’s mental and behavioral health.
  6. Vocational Training: Heartily Souls sponsors youth who drop out of school to acquire vocational skills in sewing and tailoring.
  7. Spiritual Support: Heartily Souls supports the mission for their hope in Christ.

Heartily Souls helps to improve lives and we use quantitative and qualitative data to measure our on-the-ground success in Uganda. We regularly evaluate our program and our on-the-ground team in Uganda helps us make sure all program goals are being met.