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Empowering the Youth!


About Us


Mission: Empower, mentor, educate, support and sponsor orphans and youth live fulfilling lives.


Heartily Souls is a 501(c)(3) non -profit organization operate principally in Massachusetts/USA. some of our activities are conducted in Uganda. We are committed to bring educational opportunities to needy orphans/children and youth who live in rural and Slum areas of Uganda -Africa and to improve their physical and mental health.
We form partnerships with local community-based organizations. in Uganda, this includes the Heartily Souls organization of Kikubanimba village-Nakaseke -district and Agape Heartily souls ‘charity organization of Kiti village – Wakiso-district. Our goal is to nurture a commitment to orphans, children, teens and youth that will promote prosocial friendships, and help them reaffirm a sense of hope in their future.
All of our programs stress the importance of social responsibility.  We strive to help young ones understand that caring for others is a necessary part of being an adult.  Once they feel this obligation, they will be positioned to follow through on a path to adulthood with a sense of pride, achievement and most importantly, purpose. We can only attain all that through your support.

Vision: A society where individuals lead more fulfilling lives



Heartily Souls serves the destitute to help bring hope among them.

Uganda- Beautiful & Fascinating

Uganda is a fascinating country rich in culture, yet many families cannot afford the cost of a family dinner. Needs are great and assets are restricted.

1. Through child sponsorship we manage to pay school fees/tuition for some orphans.

2. Purchase school supplies e.g., pencils, pens, textbooks and notebooks for notes and class exams taking.

3. Served food to disadvantaged and provide clothes to some.

4. Provided clean sanitary supplies to teens.

5.We hold workshops and seminars for the rural youth.

6.We sponsor youth to acquire vocational skills in tailoring and sewing.