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Empowering the Youth!



Our child sponsorship program works to help penniless youth from Uganda have better educational and job opportunities. We are looking for child sponsors who want to adopt children on a monthly basis and provide sponsorship to assist with paying school fees, and providing students with school materials. This sponsorship is different from a one-time donation, and all sponsors will get to know their child one-on-one via letter writing and emails.


If you are interested in being a child sponsor, please send an email to Heartilysouls indicating the age of the child you would like to sponsor and the sex of the child. We will then call you to discuss options.

Child sponsorship is $30 USD per month.

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Every child deserves to go to school in a brand new, clean school uniform. Many of our students cannot afford . Our uniforms campaign ensures each student receives a dress/short and a skirt, sweaters, and a new pair of shoes. A full set of these items costs approximately $80

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Clean Water for Ugandan Communities

We want help building a well so community members have access to clean drinking water to use for bathing and cooking. Right now, residents are forced to go to a local, contaminated water source. Using this water source has led to myriad of severe health consequences including the introduction of malaria and cholera. Our goal is to build a community well so community residents will have access to clean drinking water.



Mentoring Young Adults

Our training program helps young adults develop and execute income-generating projects. We want to help students develop skills that will promote financial independence. First, at-risk youth will be identified. Then they will have the opportunity to participate in a mentoring program designed to help them support themselves and their families via sustainable income generating projects. Emphasis will be placed on recruiting women and girls since they are especially at-risk.

When girls are uneducated, their futures remain bleak. The school dropout rate at the primary and secondary levels in Uganda are very high, especially for girls.

Our mentoring program will have special teachers and mentors in place to encourage and support female students. We will provide them with opportunities to meet with mentors frequently to discuss the challenges of staying in school and to develop supportive systems to keep them engaged in the school curriculum and in school clubs. We will also recruit girls to targeted vocational careers where girls can succeed. Girls who stay in school are healthier and are better able to contribute to the economic vitality of their families, and they raise healthier children. Most importantly, once a young woman is educated, she will not deny this same opportunity to her own children.


Heartily Souls is joining the support to establish a learning premise in partnership with the village association of Kikubanimba located in the rural community of the Nakaseke district.
The district is located approximately 41 miles from the capital of Uganda-Kampala. The entire region has a population of approximately 191,000. The school site is on a two-acre piece of land that was provided by the community. Our goal is to open the school for 400 secondary school students. Ages will range from 13-to 19 and the school will serve equal numbers of boys and girls.

Why a school in this area?

The communities in and around Kikubanimba where the school will be built suffered greatly during the internal civil war that took place in Uganda in the early and mid-eighties. The aftereffects of the war paralyzed educational opportunities within this area. Existing schools have inadequate facilities and cannot support the population of pre-teens and young adults.

The communities in and around Kikubanimba village require and deserve a modernized school with good teaching staff. The community has eagerly embraced the idea of partnering with us, through their community-based organization to see the school project to fruition. Having a local school will help the local economy of this rural town. It is anticipated that the establishment of this school will create employment for at least 50 professional and non-professional staff positions.